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Refractive Surgery / Laser

This type of surgery uses laser on the eye to adjust the focus so that the patient can see clearly without prescription glasses or contact lenses.

The most popular and important laser refractive techniques today are:

It is the oldest laser technique. During the operation, the first layer of the cornea is removed by the ophthalmologist and then the laser is applied. This method is used in cases where the cornea is relatively thin or shows certain peculiarities, e.g., scars or keratoconus.

It is the latest laser technique. In this case, all steps of the operation are performed with the use of laser and no blade or scalpel comes in contact with the eyes at any stage of the operation.

A detailed preoperative examination will determine which is the appropriate technique for each patient. The final decision is reached after the doctor and the candidate discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each technique, guided always by the best possible result.

Pre-surgery assessment

The preoperative procedure includes a series of measurements and examinations, taking into account factors such as visual stability, corneal condition, general eye health and the medical history of each patient.