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Intraocular Inflammation

An intraocular inflammation is called uveitis due to the infection of the inner part of the eye and is divided into anterior uveitis, intermediate uveitis and posterior uveitis.


These inflammations are manifested with various symptoms such as:
• Light sensitivity
• Blurred vision
• Pain
• floaters
• Redness of the eye

Causes of intraocular inflammation:

Uveitis is caused by various factors such as viruses, fungi, parasites,autoimmune diseases and eye injuries.
In order to determine the exact cause, a series of hematological and imaging tests must be performed. Nevertheless, in many cases the cause remains unknown.


Therapy depends on the type and severity of the inflammation and it is usually a locally applied therapy with eyedrops (corticosteroids, cycloplegia) or a systematic therapy in the form of pills or intravenous injections (corticosteroids, immunosuppressants).