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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is usually performed under local anesthetic eyedrops and the patient is not required to stay in the hospital. The cataract is removed through a microscopic incision of 1.8 mm using the phacoemulsification method. This incision is so small that it remains watertight at the end of the operation and no sutures are used to close it.

Surgery procedure:

Drops are first instilled to enlarge the pupil and then anesthetic drops are instilled.
The surgeon ophthalmologist creates a circular opening in the lens (capsule perforation) and with the use of ultrasound he fragments and sucks the blurred lens by placing an artificial lens in its place.
Phacoemulsification is a technique which requires great experience and skills in order to achieve the best vision. Each cataract surgery is unique and personalised to every patient.
Cataract surgery is one of the most successful surgeries in medicine with a success rate of up to 99%. However, complications can occur in a small percentage and most of them are successfully treated.